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Roam Opening Soonish; Taste of the Nation; and MORE!

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COW HOLLOW - The signage and web site splash page are up for Roam Artisan Burgers. Two semi-indicators that the restaurant is on-target for its late May/early June opening. Here's what the not-so-cryptic burger names on the web site mean: Pacific Blue (blue cheese, caramelized onions), Sunnyside (organic, free range egg, sweet chili sauce), Tejano (pepper jack, jalapeno relish). Burgers will be made with 1/4 lb. 100% grass-fed Pacific Pastures beef on a custom-made Pacific Coast Bakery bun. Riding multiple trend waves at once, Roam will also check all of the following boxes: Straus Family organic milkshakes, house-made sodas, wine on tap, kombucha on tap, and local brews. Unleash the ironic t-shirts.

TASTE OF THE NATION - The annual taste-a-thon that is TON is upon us. On April 29th, local "mixologists," wine reps, and over 40 Bay Area chefs will assemble at AT&T Park to serve samples of their fine food and beverage. For example, SPQR will be offering semolina gnocchi and mushroom bolognese; Luce will have venison "carpaccio," with bulgar and rhubarb; and Benu will preview monkfish liver mousse. There's also a silent auction, raffle and wine toss. Learn more about tickets, etc. here. [EaterWire]

CHEF SHUFFLE- Chef/consultant, Chris Pastena, has left the Mission's Coda to shift his focus more towards other things, like growing business at his Oakland restaurant, ChopBar; helping the Long Bar on Fillmore tighten up operations; and another undisclosed project he's working on in Downtown Oakland on Broadway. Coda's remaining managing partner Bruce Hanson is currently hiring a GM to take care of the restaurant technicalities Pastena oversaw. Hanson assures any future changes at Coda will be "evolutionary, not revolutionary," which rhymes, so we may be more likely to remember it. [EaterWire]

MISSION - Anthony's Cookies turns one this weekend and will be giving away free cookies and Four Barrel coffee on Sunday.[SFoodie]

Roam Artisan Burgers

1785 Union St., San Francisco, CA