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AGCK Competes in 7th Grilled Cheese Invitational Tomorrow

It's a week of drama for Heidi Gibson, co-owner of SoMa's coming-soon, The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen. Gibson headed to Los Angeles early this morning with husband and business partner Nate Pollack to compete in tomorrow's 8th Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational. And her bread slicer broke yesterday and appeared to be beyond repair. This wouldn't be a big deal if she was simply competing in the pro chef competition, but she's also one of several vendors selling upwards of 1200 grilled cheese sandwiches to the throng of eight to ten thousand people expected to show up tomorrow.

With the help of an industry friend, Gibson was able to repair the slicer. So she and the AGCK team will be able to bang out hundreds of "The Piglet;" smoked ham, 2-yr-aged cheddar, and apple mustard on Pinkie's levain; from The American's stand, which will be right next to the grilled cheese stand of LA's legendary Mediterranean restaurant, Campanile. For the pro competition she'll be entering an insane-sounding, sweet, cheesy French toast concoction involving comte, smoked ham, tomato jam, raspberries, and bourbon butter. If Gibson defends the championship, there will be 7 GCI trophies displayed at The American when it opens around May 10th.

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Grilled Cheese from East Coast West Deil. [Photo: Flickr/southeast star]

The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen,

1 South Park, San Francisco, CA