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Marlowe on Grant Avenue Has Nothing to Do With Burgers

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Behold two logos bearing the same brand name, side by side. At top is that of new upscale fashion retailer, Marlowe, opened at 231 Grant Ave. on April 14th. At bottom is that of Anna Weinberg's newish market-driven neighborhood restaurant, which opened in February and has been mentioned here, here, and here. Apparently the boutique has been getting calls for dinner reservations, one of which was recently accepted (!) because the shop worker thought they were booking a stylist appointment. The hungry folks showed up at the Union Square showroom expecting burgers and Brussels sprouts only to be met by cashmere and silk suiting.

The name coincidence is a bit strange, indeed. Especially after a glance at the very similar looking logos, but you may recall Weinberg named her restaurant after her grandfather's South Boston butcher shop, Marlowe's. And since the clothier has been around for over a decade, with outposts in London, Chicago, and Toronto, we certainly can't accuse them of any duplicitous duplication. Still the Marlowe boutique on Grant does say they've experienced quite a little buzz since the Bauer review came out. [EaterWire]

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