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Kinch and Jossel Eye Rancho Gordo Heirloom Corn

An article in the Napa Valley Register alludes Steve Sando, go-to bean supplier for celebruchefs like Mario Batali and Emeril, may be opening a retail outpost for his beloved heirloom brand, Rancho Gordo, in the Ferry Building. Sando informs Eater that he doesn't even know how much rent is at this point, but he's getting a lot of encouragement from local chefs and it's such a no-brainer fit, that he's hoping it'll happen in under a year. In other news, Laurence Jossel and David Kinch have their eyes on Sando's in-the-works nixtimal tortillas, implementing masa ground from heirloom corn.

"Even in Mexico no one is doing this," says Sando with a laugh. He'll grow the white heirloom corn native to Jalisco locally, and he'll import red, black, green, blue, and other varietals in small, limited runs from farms in Mexico. Expect to see them in tortilla form in the next 6 months at Nopalito, and Kinch should be using the masa in some novel application at Manresa within the same time frame. [NVR]
Sando at a tortilleria in Hidalgo, Mexico.