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Hillstone Applies for Liquor License at Napa Valley Grille Space

You'll remember in December of last year, the Napa Valley Grille, which has outposts in LA, NJ, RI, and Minnesota, experienced the ironic closure of its Napa location due to "lease issues." Word on the street at the time was that Rick Tramonto of Chicago's Tru was eyeing the high-profile space in Yountville and another in SF, before the deal hit a snag. Well now Houston's, ahem, Hillstone has applied for a full liquor license at 6795 Washington St.

When we first called Anne Gibson, PR Coordinator for The Hillstone Group, she said "We're not sure what we're going to do with the space yet." She then later said they were still finalizing several issues and declined to provide further comment. Still, we're able to make a fairly educated guess as to what Hillstone's upcoming Wine Country "full-service restaurant" may be called. Another Houston's/Hillstone outpost wouldn't be so hot next to Bouchon and Ad Hoc, and given the location-based naming system the group, which also owns Rutherford Grill and Los Altos Grill, has already employed, we're guessing a Yountville Grill may be making things interesting in downtown Yountville in the next year or so. Unless of course, they decide to do things Napa Valley Grille-style and open a second outpost of their Palm Beach Grill in Wine Country. [EaterWire]

6795 Washington St., Yountville, CA