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Three Twins Expands in California, Maybe World

Neal Gottlieb's Three Twins Ice Cream opened the world's largest dedicated organic ice cream factory in Petaluma this month -- quite an accomplishment for the ex-Peace Corps volunteer who started the business from nothing in 2005 while living with his brother in San Francisco. Today, the brand is available in farmer's markets, online, and at scoop shops in San Rafael, Napa, and the Lower Haight. The new factory will allow production to multiply 10 times to 400,000 gallons per year as it enables reduced prices: from $5.99 per pint to about $4.49 per pint. The production move will also lead to a smoother product due to the factory's new continuous freezer.

All this and Three Twins just fulfilled an online order from a Boston billionaire who purchased "100 Pints Personally Delivered" for the grand sum of $3,333.33. Gottleib, who is 33-years-old delivered the pints himself and donated $333.33 of the profits to a land trust in the Northeast. Gottlieb does admit he enjoys the number three.

Interestingly, this news comes just as Pinkberry, the frozen yogurt chain that some feared speculated would take over the world just three years ago, closed its original West Hollywood location last week. Meanwhile, locally sourced Straus organic soft serve proliferates around SF, as evidenced here, here, here, and here, and Pinkberry knockoffs like Cow Hollow's Yogurt Bar, FiDi's Chill, and North Beach's Swirl have all closed. This organic, natural thing could be catching on. So, brace.

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Neal Gottlieb and his now-expanded shelf real estate. [Photo: Eater SF Flickr Pool/wickedfreshie]

Three Twins Ice Cream

254 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA 94117 Visit Website

Three Twins Ice Cream

254 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA