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Aida To Star in New Cooking Channel Show: Foodcrafters

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Former Chow editor and San Francisco-based star of Food Network show Ask Aida, Aida Mollenkamp, now enters the second week of production on her new show Foodcrafters. In Aida’s words, “The first week was absolutely fabulous. This is the show I’ve always wanted to do as I get to help give small-scale specialty producers their moment in the spotlight.” The show launches May 31 in tandem with the Cooking Channel, which will take over the Fine Living Network. Foodcrafters' first season will start in the Bay Area and follow Aida as she travels through Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, and several other locations that are still being confirmed. Hudson Valley, Vermont, and a few cities in the South and Midwest are also under consideration. Aida tells us Blue Bottle coffee and Laloo’s goat’s milk ice cream, based in Petaluma, will get a nice amount of air time, along with Brooklyn Brine and Liddabit in the New York area.

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