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Benjamin Bratt Gets Deep Over Mission Tacos

Bratt.egg  on AviaryThe NYT Fashion & Style section watches Glen Park-natives, Benjamin Bratt and his older brother Peter, cruise through the Mission in a 1964 cherry-red Chevy Impala lowrider in honor of Peter’s film, “La Mission” to open in a dozen American cities this month. After slowing down their schaweet ride to greet gawkers on every block and sharing a meaningful embrace with their “brother,” La Reyna proprietor Louis Gutierrez, Bratt and Bratt stop for sunset tacos at La Taqueria and marvel at “the neighborhood’s resilience to the forces of gentrification and progress.” Not visited by the brothers Bratt: the crème brulee man, Medjool roof deck, and vegan taqueria, Gracias Madre.