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Dana Cowin Tweets Clues to Food & Wine's Best New Chefs

Since Monday, Food & Wine Editor-in-Chief, Dana Cowin, has been leaking a trail of twitter clues to the Top Ten Best New Chefs to be revealed today. So, the clues don't reference the chefs themselves, but the restaurant names where they currently work. Number nine below looks like it's got to be Missy Robbins, the young chef and Chicago transplant at the two locations of New York's A Voce. Does it look like any Bay Area folk will represent? Give the guessing a go, mates:
1) baked in a pie
2) Grateful Dead hit in LA
3) ripe at altitude
4) Midwestern eco home

5) not a nut in Italian and then a better clue for #5: italian roasting on an open fire
6) chill out at home down South; Extra clue chill in virginia
7) barbaresco mountain in pacific nw. Hanging out w/this chef right now + loving his green jacket.
8) Ouest coast chef assistant. Finishing fried chicken at the bnc meet'n'greet in nyc.
9) My mother and my husband ran into each other @ bnc#9 resto tonight while chef was hvng din w/f+w. #fwbnc Clue: gives Italian food a voice.
10) Here's the last clue #fwbnc 2010. Main mixologist mecca. I can't wait to meet one of u expert guessers tonight! Clue 10 extra hint: it's a great year Virginia. Main mixologist mecca

And if you're totally stumped, check out the Kauf's enlightened guesses here. Answers will be revealed at 5 p.m. on the Food & Wine Web site.

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