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Bauer in Search of Bay Area's Best Hamburgers

Seduced by Marlowe' s "moist patty," The HamBauer sets out on a journey to uncover the Bay Area's best hamburgers. But first, he time-travels back to burger quest Vol. 1 of 1985, when Nintendo, Huey Lewis, and the burger from Johnny Rockets were all "primo." Bauer then notes the 2010 burger chase will unfold in a land where:

"...the burgers are more substantial — and much more expensive. To say the number of burger options has quadrupled would be an understatement because the hamburger places (remember Hamburger Mary's?) of the last generation have given way to bistros, brasseries and cafes that serve burgers to crowds that never seem to tire of this classic sandwich."
We'll be checking in on the The HamBauer as he faces the challenge ahead. Godspeed.

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[Photo: Flickr/mikedthorn]


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