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National Foie Gras Protest Hit The French Laundry

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On Saturday, The Animal Protection and Rescue League organized a multi-city protest targeting Thomas Keller's Per Se in New York, Bouchon in Los Angeles, and The French Laundry in nearby Yountville. Eater National has the full report on the rowdy LA happenings (pictured, above left); a "more timid affair," with dogs in-tow, in New York (above right); and the peaceful protest in Wine Country: "The French Laundry generously provided lemonade and cookies, which was partaken by most of the protesters." Adding to this report, we've learned The French Laundry also shared its daily 'Tasting of Vegetables' with the vegan animal rights group and regular dinner service was not affected. We asked if the protests would have an affect on the Kellerverse going forward.

The Thomas Keller Restaurant Group will continue to work with and specifically select the most ethical purveyors possible for all of our menu offerings.
Should any legislation be passed regarding Foie Gras, the Thomas Keller Restaurant Group will keep within full accordance of all legal regulations.

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