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Desi Danganan Keeps The Summit's Mystery Alive

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A Plywood Switcheroo has recently come to our attention. A tipster recently wrote: "Your site is mistakenly listing the property at 777 Valencia St. as the location for Summit. I can tell you with 100% certainty that this is not their location...The space is for lease, however, and would make a fabulous restaurant site." The Summit owner Desi Danganan (pictured) confirmed, "Yup it's true. I've allowed the press to keep writing that it's 777 Valencia, when surprise--it's across the street!" Danganan hasn't gotten back to us yet with the exact address.

"Although our stand on food is still a mystery, our cause is the same as any entrepreneur: to take a vision and make it happen. So yes, until we dial in the msg. batman's true identity must be kept a secret." Bruce Wayne or not, at least we know Ryan Farr is behind those sausages.
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