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Fish-Focused Skool To Enter SFDC and MUCH MORE!!

POTRERO HILL - Here we have a sunny shot of the 40-seat patio (er, mostly the plant) outside Skool, a brand new sustainable seafood-focused restaurant that should be arriving around the end of June in the San Francisco Design Center. Former Bushi Tei sous chef Toshihiro Nagano and his wife Hiroko will be running the kitchen, while owners Andy Mirabell, who used to be the DO at Blowfish, and his fiance Olia Kedick will run the front of house. The 70-seat interior will include a huge communal table and other tables made from driftwood in a build-out orchestrated by Ohio Designs with mostly reclaimed and repurposed materials. Global menu inspiration will show up in items like lobster and little gem salad with blood orange vinaigrette, Monterey Bay squid ink spaghetti with shiso, and Spanish flatbreads from the pizza oven. [EaterWire]

SOMA - Several Big Nate's BBQ-loving tipsters have brought word that the owners of Fly Bar & Restaurant: Matt Sturm, Chris Cronk and Leslie Shirah, have recently bought the Nate's space. According to one disturbed reader: "Allll of the [Nate Thurman] memorabilia is gone and the walls are all white." We're waiting to hear from Matt and co., but if we had to guess we'd say they're opening another Fly. The concept has been successful for them at its three other locations on Divisadero, Sutter, and in Tampa, FL. The purchase of another large space in a developing neighborhood falls in-step with the team's track record. [EaterWire]

MARINA - You'll remember Left at Albuquerque went down in January, bringing countless nights of accidental drunkeness along with it. Well several tipsters have since written with helpful snapshots of the ownership sign in the window, announcing a new name and owner of Junction and H & A Entertainment, respectively. We contacted Hugo Gamboa of H & A, who also happens to own the lovely Mas Sake on Lombard Street, only to learn that the name may or may not stay as Junction and the concept is still up in the air. [EaterWire]

BAYVIEW - In addition to a very sharply photographed po-boy run-down, the Thirsty Reader brings news regarding Yat's: "Today, Yat’s is currently awaiting its third home, which will now be on [4800] 3rd Street, but which will finally be a destination unto itself. I called the line for Yat’s today, and the gentleman on the phone mentioned that they were hoping for a June opening, but that mid-July debut was more realistic." [Thirsty Reader]

RUSSIAN HILL - Toast, the San Francisco breakfast, sandwich and burger mini-chain with the smiling piece-of-toast logo, will be opening a third location at 1601 Polk St. Looks like it's going to be a little while, however, as owners Eddie and Kamal Naser haven't yet closed escrow and their liquor license at the space is still pending. [EaterWire]

PACIFIC HEIGHTS - The Citizen Cake redux on Fillmore Street is experiencing some more delays and it's arrival is now looking like it will happen in late May. [EaterWire]

Skool Restaurant

1725 Alameda Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 415 255 8800 Visit Website


1725 Alameda Street, San Francisco, CA