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Gleaming in the FiDi, Golden West

Here we have an early peek at the exterior and interior of Golden West, one of the newest ventures from Dennis Leary, the chef and owner of Canteen restaurant and the Sentinel lunch take-out. We first learned of the project from Signore Lucchesi, who brought word this 350-square-foot FiDi back alley occupant will serve as the bakery for Leary's other restaurants as well as a take-out lunch operation that's "reminiscent of - but more ambitious than" the Sentinel.

A recent chat with Jason Langkammerer of At-Six Architecture confirms the no-frills operation will indeed function with orders taken through Dutch door windows and probably with the Post-it note ordering system used at Sentinel. The build out will place utility first with durable reddish cory tile on the floor and white subway tiles on the walls. Visual interest will come from the in-the-works neon signage a la Charles de Lisle for both the interior overhanging wall you see in the above shot, and the outside sign box. A gleaming "Au," the periodic table sign for gold, will mark the spot for Golden West, shedding a ray of light into a foggy, cold passageway that receives no direct sunlight. So the feel will be very much as if you're stumbling upon a bakery in an alley, and, oh hey, you can order a delicious sandwich there too. De Lisle tells us Leary can't wait to make his own bread at Golden West, which he'll probably be delivering to the impending revamp at House of Shields as well.

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Golden West. [Photos: Melissa Roska]

House of Shields

39 New Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

Golden West

8 Trinity Place, San Francisco, CA