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Passive Agressive Notes: Eureka's Newsletter

The latest newsletter from Matt Walker, manager of Eureka Restaurant & Lounge in the Castro, was recently brought to our attention by an anonymous reader, not too pleased about the "big dose of Matt-itude" with which it was written. The letter is indeed riddled with passive aggressive gems directed, nonetheless, at Eureka customers loyal enough to subscribe to the rant. We'll begin with this firm slap-on-the-wrist:

"I have said it before and I will say it again: Seating requests are ONLY requests and not a guarantee or a promise of seating...Seriously, some of our patrons behave like a 7 year old that has been put in a “time out” when they are not able to be seated upstairs...My apologies for sounding like a finger wagging parent, but it is not fair how he and I are treated when some of our patrons do not get their way."

And Chef Gaines Dobbins also gets a chance to vent:

"...when one of my valued customers tries to take a Eureka dish and make it their own creation, then I get a little testy...I understand that Eureka is a neighborhood restaurant and some of you eat here a lot. But remember if you start using vodka sense instead of common sense, then you will hear my loud refrain, YOU CAN DO THAT WHEN YOU BUY YOUR OWN RESTAURANT!”

Not to worry though, Matt ends things on a high note: "Well, apparently both of us need to go take our “Bitch Be Gone” medicine. Have a great month and remember June is Pride month and we will be decked out for Pink Saturday." Presumably everyone feels better now. [EaterWire]

Eureka Restaurant & Lounge

4063 18th Street, San Francisco, CA