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Brick Yard Bar & Restaurant: The Latest in Union St. Plywood

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MARINA - A few blocks away from the construction at Cafe Des Amis, things are moving forward at the old Bayside space, and we've learned the new concept will be called Brick Yard Bar & Restaurant, slated to open June 5 a.k.a. Union Street Festival a.k.a the day rip-roaring wasted Marina types stumble around Union Street -- which should create countless blissful first impressions of the business. You'll recall Sharon and David Newell, the owners of Monaghan's, acquired the 3,600-sq-ft behemoth last year, and it's been sadly vacant since early 2008, so the hammering and plywood is a welcome sign of life. Word on the street is HDTVS, a full-service bar, outside patio, and seasonal menus are in store. [SFBizTimes]

THE MISSION - One of the collective members at Arizmendi bakery recently filled the Eater Investigation Squad in on its forthcoming fifth location at 1268 Valencia Street, adjacent to Heart wine bar. The bakery has started construction this week along with outreach sessions for baker-owners, so if you dream of becoming an artisan baker, this would presumably be your golden opportunity. If all goes as planned, wafting smells of seasonal pizza, sourdough bread, and morning pastries should be filling the street by September. [EaterWire]

THE MISSION EXTRA - Pica Pica Maize Kitchen is officially opening tomorrow (five days later than expected) at it's Valencia and 15th Street location. According to owners Adriana Luis Lopez and her dad Leopoldo Lopez Gil, this is the first exclusively Venezuelan restaurant in the city, and they are also hoping to attain gluten-free product certification for their menu, as the whole thing fits the bill naturally. [EaterWire]

WESTERN ADDITION - Falletti Foods at 308 Broderick Street is taking over the deli operation inside the adjacent Delessio Market & Bakery. They are aiming to complete the new deli operation with sliced meats and cheeses, a rotisserie and hot sandwich options, by the end of July. We've heard some rumors about the new suppliers and they are sounding high end and delicious, but nothing is confirmed yet. Jamie Falletti tells us the Delessio salad bar, baked goods and hot items will still be available. [EaterWire]

Brick Yard Bar and Restaurant

1767 Union Street, San Francisco, CA