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Bay to Breakers 2010: Hungry-Making Alter Egos Hit Streets

During the early, serious race part of Bay to Breakers, the Kenyans tore it up winning both the male and female competitions. And then for the rest of the day, nutso costumes and not-so costumed nude people took center stage. Eater noticed a respectable showing of food-related alter egos going to great lengths throughout the race/strange spectacle of humanity. Peep the above gallery, a play-by-play of some of the more visually ensnaring images, with commentary. And for our favorite dance footage from the day, hop the jump to see a hot dog-and-spaceman boogie-off that is sure to lift your spirits.

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Salmon swimming into taco joint. [Photo: Flickr/luluisforlovers]
Bacon snorting salt. [Photo: Flickr/baconsalt4you]