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Mark Denham Still Searching for Bishop's New Home

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We last heard of Laïola former chef Mark Denham from the Tacolicious stand at the Ferry Building, but his followers on Facebook are aware he's been looking for a space for his restaurant concept, Bishop, for quite some time now. Denham recently filled us in on his latest real estate adventures: passing up the 1001 Guerrero space Salt Block will move into and a deal that was about to happen with the Universal Cafe folks that just fell through. This is all a shame because Denham's food/menu concept is seriously dialed in, considering the restaurant doesn't even exist yet.

Though he admits the market-driven shtick he's going for is a bit of a cliche at this point, he's so passionate about the animal-to-plate approach he can't fathom anything else.

"It's my hope that Bishop's signature will be to present hand-crafted culinary technique usually found only at more expensive restaurants. But I want Bishop to remain a neighborhood spot with genuine drop-in appeal, I intend that Bishop will be primarily a first come first served establishment. Maybe with a reservation policy akin to that of Flour & Water's."
And just to prove he's not kidding with this idea, here's what Denham was thinking menu-wise before the last space fell through. So the quest for prime real estate -- preferably a 60-seater with a wine and beer license in the Mission -- continues. If you're privy to any such location, email Mark or drop us a line.

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