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Michael Mina 2.0 and Westin Steakhouse Dreams

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This morning Signore Lucchesi revealed Michael Mina's grand plan for the Aqua space. You'll recall, Mina acquired the lease only, as Mark Weiss whisked away the assets, including the Aqua brand. As it turns out, Mina is going to take this opportunity to relaunch Restaurant Michael Mina into a more earthy, accessible, dare we say, haute stoner rendition of its former self. From the sounds of it, Mina also has ambitions for a bar-centric power lunch scene.

As for the existing Mina incarnation at the Westin St. Francis, he's hoping to work things out with the hotel union at a June meeting. And if the rumermongering that went down last month has anything to do with it, things sound a bit sticky. If he's able to hold on to the space, he'll launch a steakhouse that serves his widely adored lobster pot pie and steak tartare.

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Restaurant Michael Mina

252 California Street, San Francisco, CA

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