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SF Weekly Chooses 55 "Best Of" Winners

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SF Weekly's Best Of 2010 dropped yesterday, with Flour + Water headlining as this year's "Best New Restaurant." Here's some of the thinkage: "Flour + Water has taken the genre that Alice Waters built almost four decades ago and made it feel authentically 2010." While this statement could spark unending, heated debate on Eater alone; keep in mind, "Best Of" is easily SF Weekly's largest and most popular issue of the year, due in part to its lighthearted, made-up categories, some of which are more legit than others. The talent pool for "Best Upscale Pizza," which Orson nabbed, for example, is way deeper than "Best Place to Buy Edible Amphibians" and "Best Burger Dog," but it makes for an inviting late-week read nonetheless.

· SF Weekly Best Of [SF Weekly]

Water at Flour + Water. [Photo: Eater SF Flickr Pool/bubbletea1]

Flour + Water

2401 Harrison St., San Francisco, CA

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