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Bauer Sees Nice Hits and A Big Miss at Public House & Mijita

Photo: SFGate; Eater Archives

AT&T Bauer's Sunday review is a double header with Traci Des Jardins’ new ballpark watering holes: Public House and Mijita. At the former, Bauer's a bit disoriented: "I'm not sure whether I'm walking into a bar, a Best Buy or a Budweiser distribution center;" and then later: "on a game night it's like walking through a BART station at 5:30 p.m." Despite not knowing where he is, Bauer finds comfort in expertly prepared hot dog renditions and "pretty good" fish and chips. Though there are some misses; and he agrees with Ms. Patty Untz Untz the slammed service is lacking, it's not enough to rule out 2.5 stars: "...even though there can be soggy hamburgers and sometimes forgetful service, going to the Public House is like attending a good game where the occasional lows make the highs seem sweeter."

Meanwhile, Mijita doesn't fare so well: "After three visits, I could see glimmers of the soul I know [Des Jardins] possesses, but in most cases it simply didn't translate to the dishes I tried." "Stale" chiccharones, "leathery" tacos dorados, and "disorganized" service add up to one measly star for the Mexican newcomer to AT&T Park.

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Public House and Mijita

24 Willie Mays Plaza, San Francisco, CA