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Yelp Brand Director, Nish Nadaraja, Resigns

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Nish Nadaraja, one of the earliest upper-level hires at Yelp and the ostensible social "face" of the company around these parts, resigned last week, and he says it has nothing to do with that nasty lawsuit: "...if I felt it had any merit, I'd stay longer to help clarify anything. We're a good company with good people running it." Nish served as the company's first Community Manager, created the Yelp Elite Squad, and served as Editor-in-Chief of the Weekly Yelp with over 35 editions across the U.S., Canada, and U.K. Most recently he was appointed Brand Director. Nish will remain on as a consultant for the company until July, helping to move projects around to ease the transition as his absence will, no doubt, be felt greatly around the Yelp offices. So what's a guy with 1735 reviews and 3340 friends on his Yelp profile, going to do with all that free time?

"Plans after are to have no plans! I'm going to see Chuck Berry play in St. Louis (the guy is 83 and still plays at his club every Wednesday), and am also dabbling in a pet project: making custom t-shirts under the label Rich Kid Cool with Yelp's original Creative Director (who started the same day I did). It's not quite Daniel Day-Lewis becoming a cobbler rumors, but something close!"

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