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Adieu to Bambuddha: Poolside Parties and Pan-Asian Fare

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Bambuddha bar. [Photo: Flickr/HeRM:P P h o t o g r a p H y]
Bambuddha Lounge, the bar, pan-Asian restaurant and lounge connected to The Phoenix Hotel, in a most sketchtastic stretch of the Tenderloin, served its last meal on Thursday of last week. Owner Gina Milano tells us business at the Lounge, which was born almost exactly eight years ago, has "gotten progressively slower, and was not functioning." Although The Phonex Hotel will remain open, Joie de Vivre CEO, Chip Conley, is currently looking for a tenant to buy it and the restaurant out. We've got to hand it to Bambuddha (and The Phoenix) for being among the first to attempt to transform the 'Loin into a tourist destination. For several years our Automusic Hall of Shame vet did just that, attracting SF's hard-partying "jet set," and a list of celebs to get name droppers off: from Joan Jet and Pearl Jam to Jake Gyllenhal and Keeanu Reeves; considering we are, in fact, in San Francisco. We're personally sad to throw the towel in on dreams of chilly weekend pool parties at one of the few places that, in its heyday, brought a little SoCal disco to San Francisco. [EaterWire]

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Bambuddha Lounge

601 Eddy St., San Francisco, CA

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