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Eastern Migrations

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Jonnatan.jpgAfter the JBFA in New York, Bauer is back at the blogging today with feedback on the food former San Francisco chefs: Nate Appleman, Jonnatan Leiva and Daniel Holzman, are cooking in New York. He finds Holzman's Meatball Shop to be "an ingenious concept that I think could easily become a national chain." He had this to say of Appleman and Leiva at Pulino's and 10 Downing, respectively: "While I liked what Appleman and Leiva do, the results frankly weren't as good as what they were doing in San Francisco. It could be the difference in ingredients, the change in location or the fact that both of these restaurants do more volume than the ones in San Francisco, and the chefs still haven't quite adjusted." [Between Meals]