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Desi Danganan Reveals Headless Version of The Summit's Chef

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Former Poleng Lounge owner, Desi Danganan, dropped some clues today in his blog as to the executive chef at his cafe/bar/third space, The Summit, coming to the Mission. And it won't be his former partner at Poleng, chef Tim Luym, who will be tied up working on his San Mateo pan-Asian venture, Attic. Danganan is bringing in a Bostonian to create a menu he can only describe as "more sexy and primal" than sustainable, organic, seasonal Californian cuisine. Here we have a nifty picture of the new chef with his face conveniently blurred out.

"...based on what we tasted and what i know about him as a person and [as a] cook, he will thrive the most and the best if he is given more freedom/creative control. his strength and passion definitely lies within that style of cooking." Luym and Danganan also identified the hands down favorite from a recent tasting: "4505 chicken apple sausage and ramp onion grits. bomb!" So there you have it. Kind guesses as to the forthcoming, Batman T-shirt-wearing wunderkind will be gladly accepted in the tip jar.

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The Summit

777 Valencia St., San Francisco, CA

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