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Lafitte's Russell Jackson Speaks Out Against Cap'n Bauer

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Pirate chef Russell Jackson has something to say after last week's Bauer flogging. And it comes out today in the inaugural edition of his e-newsletter: "Well, to say the least, many of you who follow my twitter feed already know that I found the review personally and professionally offensive. It was a direct attack on who I am, my personal style and the innovative approach we have taken on creating Lafitte’s mandate, as well as a hit to the respect and honor of our Crew.

I am not completely disavowing Mr. Bauer’s opinion; certainly he is qualified and welcome to it. There are elements to our growth that we have been in the process of adjusting, so, late to the game as we know he is, there was no new information we could gleam from his biased and unbalanced review...This is a two-month-old restaurant that is rapidly coming together. I ask that you come see how much we have grown." In other words, Arrrrrr!

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