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Orson Lunchtime Duck Fat Fries; Dinner at The Ambassador

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SOMA - Orson started opening for lunch yesterday with a menu featuring five pizzas, two sandwiches and the ballyhooed burger with truffle mayo. Duck fat french fries are also all over the place. [EaterWire]

TENDERLOIN - Tommy Halvorson's delayed pop-up EAT Restaurant at The Ambassador will debut next Wednesday with a menu that's a little fancier than the ones he's been doing at 111 Minna. It's from 6 to 10 p.m. and there will be DJ Metrix and $3 beer and cocktail specials the whole time. Here's the Web site. [EaterWire]

MARIN - The 29th Mill Valley Wine & Gourmet Food Tasting is happening June 27th. This year, Nicasio Valley Cheese Company, Dish Mill Valley, Tsukiji Sushi, Equator Coffees, Piatti, Balboa Cafe and many more vendors will be on hand. More information and tickets, here. [EaterWire]

[Photo: MeatMeister]


508 4th Street, San Francisco, CA