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Cafe Des Amis Sign Is Up; Citizen Cake Soon; MORE!!

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COW HOLLOW - Look here at the signage now officially up at Cafe Des Amis on Union and Buchanan. You'll also notice some major construction is currently being unloaded on the sidewalks outside the unborn brasserie, but this should all be wrapped up well before the expected week-of-July 20th opening. According to executive chef Ed Carew, he and chef de cuisine Justin Deering have been testing out the menu items in the 'Wichcraft kitchen downtown and are very excited to be opening right smack in the middle of summer squash and tomato season. Other teaser details Carew was willing to share: Spruce drink man, Brandon Clements, will be creating the cocktail menu; there will be at least five French and American beers on tap, maybe even more than ten; and his breath has been taken away by the seamless centerpiece zinc bar management has flown in directly from France. [EaterWire]

PACIFIC HEIGHTS - A reliable source tells us that Elizabeth Falkner is thinking the Fillmore Street Citizen Cake location will be open before July 1. We recently peeked behind the paper in the windows and noticed a little wrap-around bar has been added up front; though it does look like a good deal still needs to be done in there. There's also a sign on the window announcing they're seeking hosts, cooks, dishwashers and a driver. Interested candidates should email And if you want to know what Falkner was up to last night, check this out. [EaterWire]

UNION SQUARE - Matthew McNamara and Teague Moriarty will be opening Sons and Daughters any day now in the old Cafe Mozart space. Look out for fresh-baked pastries and Verve coffee in the morning, a few rotating lunch plates throughout the day and "unique, seasonal and refined combinations in a casual environment" by night. Address here is 708 Bush Street. [EaterWire]

MARIN - Boca Pizzeria & Wine Bar is doing a dry run tonight with 100 people in the house and should be open for real on Friday at its Novato location of 454 Ignacio Boulevard. Remember this place was designed by Michael Brennan and it will be serving Neapolitan-style pizzas, so lots of Bay Area types should find it interesting, at least to begin with. [EaterWire]

PAC HEIGHTS EXTRA - A tipster writes in with word that the family-owned Bumzy's Chocolate Chip Cookies should be opening at 1460 Fillmore Street on Friday, barring any inspection SNAFUs, of course. And now we turn the review spotlight over to said tipster, who had this to say about the chocolate-walnut cookie: "The overall cookie was good and tasted of quality ingredients, though more on the crisp side than chewy." [EaterWire]

EMBARCADERO- European pastry company, Biscoff Gourmet, is opening its first North America retail location on June 30th at Pier 39. Some of you may have tried the company's cookies on Delta Airlines flights, which is allegedly where they developed a cult-like following among Americans in the 1980s. Anyway, the store will be called Biscoff Coffee Corner and will offer a free cookie with every coffee purchase. There's also going to be a grand opening on July 8 with cookie-juggling street performers a cookie breaking ceremony and lots of samples. [EaterWire]

MARINA - Yesterday Signore Lucchesi removed a bit of the mystery revolving around Fillmore Street's long-shuttered PlumpJack Cafe. The new concept, name and partner over there are all yet to be revealed, but PlumpJack will indeed operate out of the space again. How suspenseful. [ISSF]

MISSION - Per GrubStreet, B3, the burger-and-wine bar concept going into the old Senses space on Valencia St. has run into some holdups and won't be opening until the 29th or so. We peeked into the space yesterday and it is looking fairly cleaned up, so there must be some issues with the city here. [GrubStreetSF]

Sons & Daughters

Powell Street, , CA 94108 (415) 994-7933 Visit Website

Cafe des Amis

2000 Union Street, San Francisco, CA 94123 415 563 7700 Visit Website

Cafe Des Amis

2000 Union Street, San Francisco, CA