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SBC Wants Other 'Hoods To Adopt the Mission's Arty Ways

In the last Small Business Commission meeting, Vice President Janet Clyde suggested the Mission Arts and Performance Project (MAPP) should be a template for every neighborhood in the city as far as community involvement and locally-driven grassroots projects. Those unacquainted with MAPP should know it's an inter-cultural arts event transforming garages, cafes, studios, gardens and local businesses into makeshift arts and performance spaces. The last one was on June 5 at 15 venues throughout the Mission, including La Victoria Bakery, Revolution Cafe and Progressive Ground Cafe on Bryant and 21st. But would other enclaves (like the Marina, for example) really dig MAPP things like "visual sound scape experiences" and "shamanic noise jazz?" Still TBD. [EaterWire]

MAPP street installation at 23rd and Folsom. [Photo: Red Poppy Art House]