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Hog Island Chef's Salt Block Restaurant Seeks A Home

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Last month, Inside Scoop SF reported that Ian Marks, executive chef of Hog Island Oyster Company, and Dylan Denicke would be taking over the La Provence space on Guerrero and 22nd to open a "new age American" concept. We caught up with Marks yesterday, who tells us negotiations on the space have not been finalized and everything is still up in the air. Regardless, he's pumped about the concept and was willing to share some thoughts.

The menu will emphasize seafood, charcuterie and a beast-to-table ethos and will be divided into five sections called "snacks," "smaller," "bigger," "finishers" and "after hours." Of particular potential: a compilation of deep-fried egg, tea-smoked pork belly, wild arugula and Fiore Sardo fresco on a demi bun. Also notable are plans for a late night menu and brunch, although it's not clear where this will happen as of now. Marks says he'd love to be centrally located in the city, "maybe on Divis or Upper Market."

· Hog Island Chef to Open Salt Block in La Provence Space [ISSF]

Ian Marks [Photo: Chron]