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Rocketfish Lounge Now Has Huge Rocket-Like Fish

Several tipsters have pointed Eater HQ towards this new(ish) signage up now at Rocketfish Lounge, entering the shuttered Lingba Lounge space on Potrero Hill. As you see here, the joint has made artful use of the former signage; and is really shooting to do a lot with its Japanese tapas bistro serving "comfort food" concept. On the Facebook page, former Blowfish Sushi chef Kenichi Kawashima talks about all sorts of things, like how he's a sushi legend and a sake sommelier. And then there are several shots of the restaurants new "logo" (mascot? freaky talisman?): a huge steel fish that does in fact resemble a rocket ship and will make for quite the unique dining experience once combined with Kawashima's tapistro fare.

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Rocketfish Lounge

1469 18th Street, San Francisco, CA