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Long Bar & Bistro To Close; Castro Ordinace Moves Forward

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PAC HEIGHTS - Big changes coming to the Long Bar & Bistro at 2298 Fillmore. Inside Scoop SF revealed Reza Esmaili, who created the bar programs at Conduit and Zare at Fly Trap, has become a partner owner in the space: "...he plans to briefly close for a minor remodel and will reopen by early October with a new name, chef and concept — which he describes as 'American-style' cooking: chicken pot pie, a proper Cobb salad and, natch, a burger." [ISSF]

CASTRO - The Planning Commission ordinance to allow new full-service restaurants, small self-service restaurants, and self-service specialty food establishments with a Conditional Use Authorization -- and to prohibit new large fast food establishments -- has been approved. Steve Adams, president of the Castro Merchants Association, thinks it will promote new business and help the neighborhood keep a "mom-and-pop" feel. The ordinance now moves on for consideration by the Board of Supervisors. [EaterWire]

FOOD PUBS - BlackboardEats, a free, bi-weekly e-newsletter offering deep discounts on meals at some of the higher-profile spots around town; came out with its San Francisco edition yesterday. The site already operates in Los Angeles and New York and plans to cover such high-profile spots as A16 and Canteen locally. They've also enlisted Peggy Knickerbocker, a local freelance food and travel author who has contributed to Saveur, Food + Wine, Gourmet and others; as a San Francisco scout. Former Food Network producer and creator of the Professional Wine Studies Program at the CIA in Greytone, Joan Zoloth is the brand's director. [EaterWire]

THE MISSION - From Mission Loc@l comes word that Charles Phan's vacant space at 584 Valencia Street will be up for lease. And it sounds like someone over there has seen his designs on a future restaurant at the adjacent 582 Valencia vacancy, although it won't be happening any time soon. [Mission Loc@l]

SOMA - Per GrubStreet; Tu Lan, Passion Cafe, Rancho Parnassas, Anu and the 6th Street crazies have a new friend: John's Burgers. And this one is filling the new niche of "places you can purchase a fried burrito for $1.99." [GrubStreet SF]

EMBARCADERO - Russell Jackson's daily changing "menu of logic" at Lafitte will now consistently serve several items including a stuffed capon breast, Iberico shoulder, and roasted diver scallops, as well as a few other dishes that he'll continue to reveal over the next week or so. Sounds logical. [EaterWire]
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Long Bar & Bistro

2298 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA