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Little Chihuahua Open in Noe Valley and MORE!!

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NOE VALLEY - Per Haighteration we learn of a revealing tweet from The Little Chihuahua, which allegedly just opened the second branch of its popular California-style Mexican eatery at 4123 24th Street. [Haighteration]

WEEK IN REVIEWS - Patty Untz Untz filed her review of one-year-old Starbelly in the Castro on Friday. Although the restaurant has a similar menu style to its "sisters," Beretta and Delarosa, she divines: "...the real difference is that Starbelly’s chef, Adam Timney, cooks with quirky California eclecticism." [Examiner]

THE MISSION - Tomorrow La Cocina will be hosting a cooking class in which you can cook your way through a multi-course menu with influences from Indonesia, India, the Middle East, China and California. $65 includes instruction and "a mountain of Malaysian munchies," and you can still get tickets here. [EaterWire]

LOWER POLK - Today Lady T-Hop brings the good word that Brenda's will be expanding into the gutted laundromat next door as part of a complete remodel. This spot has an omnipresent brunch line on the weekends, so this may just make its menu of biscuits, beignets and other NOLA-inspired items that much more accessible. [Tablehopper]

Chihuahua in the traditional garb of Mexico. [Photo: nextstop]

The Little Chihuahua

4123 24th Street, San Francisco, CA