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G.T. Dave Talked With Lindsey Lohan's People; Kombucha Should Resurface in "Weeks" Not "Months" at Whole Foods

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The MindBodyGreen folk recently filed this interview with kombucha man G.T. Dave, regarding the recent recall of his product line from all Whole Foods shelves. And you'll notice he does a bang-up job dodging all the issues. Exhibit 1: G.T. on the levels of alcohol in kombucha: "This is not something anywhere near the lines of food contamination or anything like that -- this is strictly a labeling issue that we are addressing."

Exhibit 2: Consoling words regarding AA-alum LiLo's love for his product: "We’ve actually had a dialog with Lindsay Lohan’s people because of the recent speculation...The reality is that Lindsay has been drinking the product for over a year now." Anyway it sounds like G.T. Dave may be back in business soonish: "we anticipate it’s going to be more like 'weeks' than it is 'months.'" And kombucha fiends have ferreted out the somewhat vile substance at other vendors anyway. Because they just can't seem to get through the day without it.

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G.T. Dave and his mom in a classy kombucha PR shot. [Photo:mindbodygreen]

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