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Locanda Da Eva: How About a Little Artwork With That Pasta?

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[Photo: Jennifer Yin]
As you see here, Locanda da Eva, the restaurant from everyone's favorite Chowhounder Robert Lauriston, is coming together. Take a look back at our original report for a refresher course on menu and mixology. Know the paintings you see here are by Laura Hoffman and the ones resting on the tables in the gallery above will be hung shortly. They'll be available for sale when the Berkeley Italian spot opens a little later than expected, around July 20. What we didn't tell you before: Lauriston will be curating a food-friendly wine list himself and non-pizza items on the menu will include small plates, pastas like spaghetti with rock shrimp, squash blossoms, and bottarga; and housemade gelati and sorbetti.

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Locanda da Eva

2826 Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley, CA