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Danny Bowien Debunks Mission Chinese Food Myths

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When we first wrote about Mission Chinese Food, the new project from Mission Street Food Founders Anthony Myint and Danny Bowien, a lot of readers speculated about the originality of the "Americanized Oriental Food" concept they plan to operate out of Lung Shan Restaurant. Well Danny Bowien wrote in to Eater HQ this morning to explain things further:

"Let me start off by saying that despite what some critics are saying, this is not going to be your typical Chinese food. It's also not going to be some weird Mexican-Chinese fusion taco truck. The idea behind mission chinese food is quite simple. Alot of people think of chinese food as sweet and sour pork and walnut prawns. And no matter what they say on the menu, it's usually not 'spicy.'
...And although we enjoy sweet and sour (chicken, beef, pork, shrimp, etc.) as much as the next guy, there are so many different types of chinese food that we are excited about and feel challenged to make. Islamic chinese. Sichuan. Taiwanese. (no stinky tofu, sorry can't get behind that one.) So there. We want to make delicious, frequently spicy chinese food, besides what everyone already gets delivered, without m.s.g., with responsibly sourced proteins and vegetables. Seven days a week. All day long. The website will be up shortly!"

Pre-opening pigeonhole averted.

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Danny Bowien. [Photo: Flickr/jessefriedman]

Mission Chinese Food

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Mission Chinese Food/Lung Shan Restaurant

2234 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA