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Burgers, Wine & Bourbon Bacon Slated for Senses Space

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The spicy scent of habañero kielbasa lured Mission Mission into the long-shuttered Senses space last night to learn that a new wine bar, tenatively named , plans to open there in the next 10 days or so. And if the dot-commy name sticks it will reference their brown sugar bourbon bacon, already drawing crowds into the unopened business: "Seeking to be known as 'the winemaker’s speakeasy;' the idea is to offer hard-to-find ridiculously good quality vintages at prices that people can afford regularly." But with burgers, natch. For the record, if anything can save a space that has consistently sent concepts (see Watercress, Watergate) to their graves, it might be the magical coincidence of ground beef and grapes.

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[Photo: Mission Mission]


1152 Valencia St., San Francisco, CA