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Contraband Coffee Drips New Life Into Barleycorn Space

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Let's take a moment to remember when the city mourned the loss of John Barleycorn to the once unstoppable hands of Luisa Hanson. You'll recall Ms. Hanson was setting up shop for a new Irish Pub, inventively named Duffy's, and then a For Lease sign went up in the window before the thing ever got off the ground. Well now a tipster who resides in Lower Nob Hill brings word that the space has presumably been saved from ignominy by a coffee bar with the name, Contraband. See here the sign that went up in the window yesterday with promise of hand-held meals, fine pastries, and warm morning beverages. No doubt it's a far cry from comfort for the Barleycorners.

One Ronald Starr purchased the Contraband trademark in February. And further intel on this matter will, as always, be received joyously via the tip line. [EaterWire]

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Contraband CoffeeBar

1415 Larkin St., San Francisco, CA