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Zero Zero; Brasserie Lille; Melody; MORE!!

SOMA - Today's Plywood bonanza begins at Zero Zero, Bruce Hill's Naples-influenced pizzeria and restaurant coming soonish to the old Azie space. When we spoke with Hill yesterday, we got a bit more on his wood-fired pies, which will be served uncut in the traditional Neapolitan style to help the thin crust maintain its structure. As far as non-pizza items go, Hill talks about some "amazing" pasta dishes, a selection of crudos, salumi, salads, a possible whole fish offering and Neapolitan-style veg side dishes. The whole dessert menu is going to hinge on his soft serve, which pioneered organic soft serve in the Bay Area at Picco in Larkspur five years ago. It'll be a multiple choice dessert ordering system wherein you mix and match cards: detailing the middle, top and bottom of your creation. Add to this the cocktail program GrubStreet tells us is shaping up nicely; and some extra intel on the interior design from Lady T-Hop. Look out for a tattoo-like logo and a late July opening if all construction and health department approval go smoothly. [EaterWire]

SOMA EXTRA - Just a few blocks down Folsom, things are happening with Citizens Band, a new "fine diner" from Cheryl Burr and chef Chris Beerman, to be connected to Pinkie's Bakery. In an interesting twist, Uva Enoteca owner Boris Nemchenok, joined the team in April as a co-owner. He's helping with managerial issues and the 100% domestic wine and beer program. Along those lines, the whole concept here is an ode to Americana. Think diner favorites made with an SF ethos. Breads and desserts will obviously be sourced from Pinkie's; and Burr anticipates becoming a big dessert destination. The crafty, unflagging Beerman masterminded the interior, mostly with objects and materials found in flea markets and salvage yards. Vintage postcards, photography and a stockpile of old-school CB radios will warm it up when things get started mid-July. [EaterWire]

FIDI - You'll remember we mentioned Mark Weiss, who recently acquired the Aqua assets, may be opening something else before he finds a space for the venerable brand. Well here we go with Signore Lucchesi's earlier report that Weiss' Whisk Group is moving into the 7600-square-foot, long-vacant Atrium space at 101 California with his Brasserie Lille concept, which is sort of blatantly modeled on New York's perennially successful Balthazar: with an all-day menu and a bakery next door for quick-service breakfast and lunch items. The FiDi is getting swank now, isn't it? [ISSF]

HAIGHT - The Upper Haight is getting more market action; and now it appears the Lower Haight will join the party. Haighteration has news that a new organic market will be going into the shuttered Maria Rua space. [Haighteration]

MISSION - Lady T-Hop brought Melody to our attention. It will have a 350-square-foot patio, Arabic folk music, and an authentic Lebanese/Middle Eastern/French menu, which is actually not a contradiction. [Tablehopper]

HAYES VALLEY - Smitten, an ice cream cart that uses this nifty liquid nitrogen machine to offer made-to-order ice cream scoops, should take up residence at Octavia and Linden in early September. In the meantime they are still doing pop-ups at things like EAT and Dirty Dishes. [EaterWire]

Zero Zero

826 Folsom Street, , CA 94107 (415) 348-8800 Visit Website

Citizen's Band

1198 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 (415) 556-4901

Zerp Zero

826 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA