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The Latest from the Industry Twitterati

It's time for another Friday edition of A Moveable Tweet, wherein we take a look at the most intriguing tweets from local and national restaurant figures.

Either Dominique Crenn has lost her marbles or she's knee-deep in soaking cucumbers:

The Kauff's ethnic leanings come back for revenge; and it looks like he'll be riding solo for a while:
Just when we were about to forgot what Michelin stars are all about, The House of Pim swoops in to save the day:
Nothing like a funeral to stir up the ol' appetite for a sweet treat:
Even though Bauer's man doesn't like Justin Bieber, the little crooner sure does make him hungry:
Now which smells worse? Craig Stoll's Volvo or The Kauff's kimchee-basted criticmobile?:

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