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Restaurant Revelations and a TV Shoot at Union Street Festival

The usual havoc was wreaked by the 34th Annual Union Street Festival, which took hold of Cow Hollow over the weekend. The festivities consistently provide all kinds of beer garden-fueled shenanigans, gourmet food stalls, art sales, and more; but this year's event gave us the distinct opportunity to sniff around the exciting newbies coming to the block. Do take a moment to witness Eater SF braving plywood, papered windows and ridiculosities in drunkeness to bring you the latest in the gallery above.

1) Marengo on Union's husband-and-wife team of Kevin and chef Rayna Toomajian and co-owner, Jim Gruettner, showed off persistent smiles as they doled out pulled pork and beef burger sliders. Target opening: Week of June 14th. 1980 Union St.

2) Roam Artisan Burgers owners Joshua Spiegelman and Lynn Gorfinkle kindly posed for us in front of their menu board as their friends threw back brews at the reclaimed wooden communal dining table. Target opening: Weekend of June 19th. 1785 Union St.

3) Brick Yard Restaurant & Bar didn't seem so much like a restaurant on its opening day of Saturday. Although food was being served, table-dancing and a bouncer-flanked door policy created a Jersey Shore-meets-the-Marina vibe. Opened Saturday, June 5. 1787 Union St.

4) The biggest shocker of the day was at Unwind, which was filming the second ep of documentary TV series, "The Opener", inside. We caught up with the Gordon Ramsay of Canada himself, David Adjey, enjoying some post-shoot Pacificos with owners Todd Slosek and Kai Vance. Target opening: July 4. 1875 Union St.

5) Cadillac-of-the-block, Cafe Des Amis, stayed posh and removed from the party, but we were able to peel back some of the paper and peek inside. Target opening: Late July. 2000 Union St.

· Future Cow Hollow Restaurant and Reality TV Star, Unwind [~ ESF ~]

Cafe des Amis

2000 Union Street, San Francisco, CA 94123 415 563 7700 Visit Website

Marengo on Union

1980 Union St., San Francisco, CA