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Le Truc May Host Artisan Beer, Not Eddie Huang, at Eat Real

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A little interweb frenzy went down last week, fueled by excitement over a potential Eddie Huang vs. Chairman Bao bun-off, which we understood would happen during the Le Truc bustaurant's formal debut at Oakland's Eat Real Festival; but our conversation today with Hugh Schick, the chef partner behind Le Truc who's trying to enable Huang for the "friendly" competition, reveals the logistics of the thing might not fall into place so easily. Apparently Le Truc isn't going to host Huang until early September when its guest chef series begins; and Mobi Munch/Chairman Bao is being slow about finishing its Eat Real Festival application anyway.

Schick's business partner's friend circle tangentially includes an employee of Mobi Munch; so they are really trying to keep this whole thing light and breezy, which may be nearly impossible with all the fiery tempers involved. Schick also reminds that the permits and logistics involved in finding a place where two trucks can face-off park are mind-bogglingly difficult; and that's assuming Chairman Bao/Mobi Munch is game. But Le Truc patrons at Oakland's Eat Real Festival still have Schick's "neo-gastropub" fare to look forward to, not to mention the potential launch of Le Truc Artisanal Beer Works beer pairings to go along with it. The bustaurant is currently preparing to guest brew its proprietary ale at Oakland's Linden Street Brewery and hope to have a keg among the 20 curated by Dave McLean at the street food extravaganza.

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