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Brasserie Lille To Include Massive Bar On Front & California

In Today's Scoop, Signore Lucchesi goes into more detail on Brasserie Lille, Mark Weiss' 7,600-square-foot mega-French bistro slated to enter the long-coveted FiDi Atrium space by next spring. And we were able to get a bit more today over the EaterWire. One of the most compelling things happening here is the build-out of the space, which will include breaking down one huge wall of the 101 California space to enclose the open-air courtyard on the corner of Front and California. This sweet spot will house Lille's bar, which will probably involve local mixologist consultants and -- we're going out on a limb here -- the Bon Vivants are a strong contender, considering their involvement in Weiss' Againn Tavern project in DC and Rockville.

Other fun factoids: the bar top was made in Paris by a 4th generation family; Weiss is headed back to France shortly to find cabinetry, furnishings and lighting; and the chef will most likely be "locally sourced." There are quite a few options on the market now aren't there.

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Brasserie Lille

101 California Street, San Francisco, CA

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