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Citizen's Band: Fine Diner, Burger Booster & Baked Goods

[Photo: Jennifer Yin]
Citizen's Band, this gem of a 40-seater from the former Pinkie's and Bento 415 owners, opens today in SoMa at 5 p.m. Chef Chris Beerman is dishing out "fine diner" fare made with worthy-of-mention ingredients; think "frank and beans" using grilled Fra' Mani sausage. Everything is woven together with baked goods made by co-owner Cheryl Burr in the adjacent Pinkie's Bakery; so her biscuits come with the Hoffman Farms fried chicken, for example. And you'd probably like to know about the burger: Snake River Farms Kobe, housemade pickles and Beerman's "burger booster" which includes Thai chilies. You'll be able to purchase the sauce and several other "CB Sides" in a few weeks. Now do take a look through the gallery here, peppered with additional design-related conversation starters.

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Citizen's Band

1198 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 (415) 556-4901

Citizen's Band

1198 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA