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Local Cuisine Pairs Best with a Tru Local

Something big is brewing around here—the World’s Best German-Style Pilsner.
When the Trumer Brauerei Berkeley opened its doors in 2004, we worked
hard to perfectly preserve the brewing process of our 400-year-old sister
brewery in Salzburg, Austria. We’ve combined the heritage and tradition of our
European roots with the excellence and passion of American craft brewing.
So now you can enjoy a TRU European Pilsner imported fresh from Berkeley.
Trumer Pils is brewed in your own backyard to enjoy at your next backyard BBQ.
Well-balanced with a distinct hoppiness and crisp dry finish makes Trumer Pils a
perfect pairing for a summer BBQ, dinner party or Sunday afternoon at the park.
Pick up a 6-pack today and bring a local home.
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