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Locanda Da Eva: Wood-Fired Pizzas, Italian Cocktails, More

Robert Lauriston, who made a name for himself with prolific Chowhounding and blogging, opens Locanda da Eva today in Berkeley with chef partner Huw Thornton; and we've got the opening menu right here to share with you. You can refresh yourself on the nitty gritty here in the Eater archive. Additional notes: early test dinner favorites appear to be the beef tongue, kale pizza, fried corn and Boothby Manhattan. Lauriston also shares: "the local Odonata Saison that Fraggle of Beer Revolution turned us on to is the best American rendition of a Belgian beer style I've had to date." As of today, the wine program is suffering a bit because coolers and the large chalkboard on which they plan to display wine specials haven't arrived yet. But everything else seems to be in order. So do what you do and speed early thoughts over the EaterWire. [EaterWire]
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Locanda da Eva

2826 Telegraph Ave., Berkeley, CA

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