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Death Knell Tolls For 1550 Hyde in Russian Hill

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Sad shutter news today regarding 1550 Hyde Café & Wine Bar, which will be closing on August 14th. After putting the restaurant up for sale and then pulling it off the market almost exactly a year ago, it appears owners Peter Erickson and Kent Liggett were up against more than they could handle financially:
"Unfortunately the declining economy of 2009-10 has made it impossible for us to continue on. Please come down over the next several weeks and raise a glass with us, sign our guestbook and toast to the future. Thanks especially to all our local organic farmers who brought us such wonderful ingredients all these years. Please help fill our void and buy from your local farmers and the restaurants that continue to support them. Thanks again and good luck to everyone in these trying times."

[Update: Liggett writes in to Eater HQ: "We did sell, after much negotiation with the landlord, at a loss. New tenants take the keys Sept. 1st. Don't want to give their name, as it will be up to them what they do with the space."]

· 1550 Hyde Staying Put For Now [~ ESF ~]

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1550 Hyde

1550 Hyde Street, San Francisco, CA

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