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Fillmore Mexican Grill Magically Transforms Into Pescara

Apparently it was more of a swap than a shutter as Fillmore Mexican Grill morphed into Pescara Ristorante over the weekend. And it's a peculiar brand of Italian joint at that, serving Italian and American cuisine. Our tipster writes in: "I saw them painting inside. Then at the beginning of the week, they were changing the canopy. Poof - its now Italian! I notified Yelp because they didn't even have it as closed...Thank goodness - it was horrible!" At first blush, the removal of a neon burrito sign and pictures of tacos in the window would lead one to believe the new spot is going to be a little fancier. We're standing at the ready for your early reports and a call back from the owner. [EaterWire]

Pescara Ristorante

1552 Fillmore St., San Francisco, CA

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