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100,000 Drop Dead At Hayes Valley Farm

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Hayes Valley Farm (HVF) reports a mystery pesticide-spraying sniper descended on two San Francisco Bee-Cause (SFBC) honey bee colonies sometime between Monday and Tuesday afternoons, leaving thousands of innocent bees dead in his/her tracks. HVF team members are left with no recourse, only musings of what sort of crazy loon would intentionally murder so many "individuals." In the words of the farm: "Beyond the economic loss, however, is the emotional loss and the loss of educational opportunity the hives were to provide at HVF." Click over to the HVF blog for more gory details, and if you have any idea who may have performed this atrocity, do send word.

· Two Killed And One Attempt at the Farm [HVF]

[Photo: Cool Picture Gallery]

Hayes Valley Farm

450 Laguna Street, San Francisco, CA