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Frito Dog; 100k State Fair Robbery; Cinnabon For Vegans

DISH SPY - 4505 Meats came out with a Frito dog (pictured), piled high with house-made "Fritos" brisket and lengua. So now you can ingest all three food pyramid meat servings in one portable meal...handy! [BunRab]

SAC-TOWN - Robbers wearing food service uniforms successfully ganked an estimated 100K from the California State Fair on Wednesday. Police think they were employed by the victimized catering company, but there were no surveillance cameras and no security guards so everyone there was just SOL. Word to the wise: keep a tight leash on your caterer. [Sac Bee via AOL]

BERKELEY - The vegans queued up, in all their skinny tattooed glory, to support Cinnaholic on opening day. [ISSF]

THE MISSION - You can drink and draw on Capp Street tonight if that sounds fun to you. [Mission Loc@l]

4505 Meats/Chicharrones

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